Parker picnic rug

Shipping July 18-19
$59.00 USD

The Parker picnic rug will be back stock in limited quantity on July 18-19. If your order includes other items, the delivery will be split so that they can ship first.

Is anything more Australian than the time-honoured picnic?

 Ok, perhaps an outdoor BBQ. Or a day at the beach.

Luckily… your IZIMINI Picnic Mat is perfect for all three! It’s ultra-packable, ultra-portable, and big enough for your entire family (plus the cheeseboard and the champagne).

The fabric is super soft, while the filling pads (150 GSM) keep you comfortable on those occasions when mother nature doesn’t provide a cushion.

Made with water-resistant, sand-proof polyester fabric, it cleans with a simple shake. But it’s also machine-washable for those ‘just in case’ moments (because when minis are around, spills happen!)

And yes, of course it:

  • rolls up quickly and easily
  • Has a convenient strap
  • Is lightweight yet durable (aka ‘mini-proof’)
  • Provides flexible seating, from the beach to the barbie
  • Comfortably fits four people (59*79inch | 15*7inch rolled | 1.76lbs)
  • Has 3 design choices, all from Sydney superstar Sara Riley


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