Checklist for a day at the beach with your mini

Summer is around the corner and you may be heading to the shorelines for the first time with your mini.

I remember when our little one was 6 months and we decided to pack for a day trip at the beach for the first time, and surprise... it was not easy. Well, at the same time, we could have enjoyed the sun for more than half an hour if we had been better prepared and equipped with a checklist. 

Now that I am more familiar with my role as a mum, I can afford to give you some advice. Among other things, here are 10 essentials I highly recommend taking with you. 


1. A BEACH TENT: a must to enjoy the day without looking desperately for shade. I like large models for the whole family, easy open & then pack down into a matching carry bag to transport to and from the beach with ease. 

2. A LARGE BEACH MAT: after carrying way too many beach towels, I can assure that one of the most important items for a day at the beach is a large mat, water resistant, easy to wash, and foldable. And I can say that the Izimini one is very stylish! 

3. UV SWIMWEAR: it's so important to make sure that your mini's delicate skin is protected from the sun with UPF 50+ fabric, especially under the Australian sun. 

4. SUNGLASSES: I have found the perfect sunglasses: flexible, comfortable rubber frames and shatter-resistant lenses that won’t break when you bend, twist, or step on them. I am a very happy Babiators customer ! 

5. THERMAL SPRING WATER SPRAY: famous for its soothing and softening properties, it is perfect to rinse your mini's face from sand. Avene is a great French brand that never leaves my beach bag. 

6. WATER & SNACKS: A sippy cup the perfect cup on the go! Pick any brand with a weighted straw that moves with the liquid – whatever angle the cup is tilted. When it comes to snacks, think fresh and easy like pre cut watermelon, berries and oat bars. 

7. A CHANGE OUTFIT: chances are high that your mini will be wet or covered in sand so you want to pack a clean comfy outfit for the way back home. My preference is terry towelling which is warm and absorbent! 

8. BEACH TOYS: of course, we want our mini to play (so that we can relax!). I've found that any toy that you can fill with sand and water works! 

9. SUNSCREEN: first, plan the day’s activities to reduce your mini’s exposure to the sun, especially between 11am and 3pm. Even if you mini is covered with fabric, make sure to use high quality, SPF30+ or higher, broad-spectrum and water-resistant sunscreen. 

10. HAT: slap on a broad brim bucket hat. Adjustable to stay on your mini's head when they move around all day long... I love a colorful printed one to make sure I spot my mini anywhere on the beach such as the Izimini ones.

BONUS: a game changer! I've invested in a beach trolley to carry everything around (even our mini from time to time, I must admit..) and it's has made my life at the beach so much easier ! 


"Children can't bounce off the walls if we take away the walls"

Erin K. Kenny