Checklist for a trip to the park with your mini

Playtime at the park allows your mini to have a multi-sensory experience that can have countless benefits! For me, there's nothing better than spending an entire day at the park — as long as we have all of the right supplies! 

1. PICNIC BASKET: I love a classic picnic basket to fit everything you need. Rattan looks great but I must admit that I've recently found a great option from Pic Nic Season. Fully insulated, heat sealed, leak-proof lining keeps food and drinks cool when you’re on the go! 

2. FINGER FOODS: nothing makes a picnic easier than home made frittatas. They vary every time depending on what we have available at home. Complemented with fresh fruits and oat bards, eating on the go is made easy! 

3 WATER: A sippy cup the perfect cup on the go! Pick any brand with a weighted straw that moves with the liquid – whatever angle the cup is tilted.

4. LARGE BLANKET: you need something comfortable to go between your seat and the ground you'll be sitting on all day. You want to make sure that your blanket is nice and thick. You can't go wrong with the Izimini picnic mat. 

5. SUNSCREEN: even if you mini is covered with fabric, make sure to use high quality, SPF30+ or higher, broad-spectrum sweat-proof sunscreen. 

6. TOYS: of course, we want our mini to play (so that we can relax!). Best for the park are balls or any container that your mini can fill with flowers, leaves or grass. 

7. SILICON CONTAINERS AND BIB: I love the items design to fit in little hands and easy for little fingers to open and close. I've found these super cute animal shaped ones from Kitchen Warehouse. Any silicon bib will do the job! 

8. BOOKS: my mini is a bookworm so I've found it really great to take a few books with me. Who doesn't love reading with a nice breeze? 

9. A PICNIC CHAIR: a game-changer! A baby picnic chair is the best accessory I found. My mini can enjoy their food, read their book while seating comfortably. I still remember the days when I was trying to eat my sandwich, with my mini crawling on me grabbing food that would end up all over the floor. I can promise that you will never look back after trying the Izimini chair. 

10. BUBBLES: the cherry on the cake when you are having a relaxed family time... pop the champagne! And be proud of yourself for packing everything you needed! 

"Children can't bounce off the walls if we take away the walls"

Erin K. Kenny